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Welcome to the Conscious Revolution newsletter + podcast. My name is Margarit Davtian and I’m a social scientist, activist, and spiritualist.

My teachings cut through the social, political, and cultural noise to give people a down-to-earth, no BS approach to spiritual growth and personal evolution. My critical perspective has been called “refreshing.” Perhaps its because I’m a thought leader, not a cult leader.

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wholesome, insightful content about conscious living and other refreshing ish. In a highly politicized (and polarized climate), it’s not enough to just evolve. We must also consciously resist the systems of oppression and exploitation that try to hijack & corrupt our evolution. My content is an exploration of this and so much more! 

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Be part of a community (not a cult) of conscious humans who care about social issues. I’m not here to indoctrinate anyone into a belief system or ideology; but rather to add depth, clarity, and nuance to conversations that matter. My content is for the sincere seeker who appreciates critical discourse and dissenting perspectives.Welcome all sacred activists, shapeshifters, troublesome contrarians, and rebel spirits. If you love to read + riot, you belong here :).

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