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I love these insights! Thank you so much for taking the time to share all of this.

I agree with you, so much of the spiritual world seems to be replacing one identity for another in that attempt to 'get rid of' something that, so long as we're alive, we aren't ever going to get rid of.

We all have bodies, faces, personalities - characteristics of 'self' that we can't transcend. And it seems the harder we TRY to escape ourselves, the more ensnared we are apt to become - we become just as identified with not identifying as we were identified with our identities ;)

It seems that in order to truly find peace in this life, we can't exist in the poles or the extremes. We can't exist totally attached to our identities nor can we exist trying to escape them. We must exist in the middle - holding them lightly and allowing them to hold us lightly too. Not trying to get too granular about what we are, while also acknowledging that we have specificity and that's ok.

We will never fully know ourselves, and our core self is unchanging - the paradox exists at all times.

So can we make room for that, without over-analyzing ourselves into a state of blindness?

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Hey Margarit! Been a long time. I finally took the time to listen to your 'Deconstructing My Cult Identity,' post. Absolutely loved it. Thank you for continuing to evolve, grow and share your wisdom. I see you.

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As you awaken from one cult, you fall asleep into another.

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