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You hit the nail on the head in so so many ways with this.

The constant division of 'us vs. them' is the ultimate distraction that keeps us from seeing SYSTEMS.

This isn't about one people group and their right to humanity against another. This isn't about an ideology or life philosophy against another - this is about a GLOBAL system of dominance, hierarchy and power that strips all of us of our humanity.

This is about the fact that we are constantly scared into feeling that we are not enough, that we are not going to be safe and into feeling like we have to fight one another in order to survive - so that we will never look up and see where our pain is ACTUALLY coming from.

It's not this or that people group - that is all distraction.

Until we are able to take a step back and see humans as a part of our collective community, and until we are able to recognize that it is the very structures that say that those with all the money and power SHOULD be able to dictate what we care about, what we value, what we participate in and how we see ourselves and one another that need to change - we are just going to have more and more of this.

This shame, blame, guilt and hopelessness in the face of pain, this training to attack an 'other' instead of seeing systems and this tendency to be separated from our empathy and feelings in general so that we can SURVIVE in the system is repeating itself in different forms from the free world to the most oppressed nations - it's all the same pattern with different costumes. Go along or be harmed/rejected/left out.

THIS is what we need to transcend.

It is reconnecting to our feelings, empathy and the realization that NO civilian is the cause of this, and realizing that in standing in THAT truth we will find our steps that we are going to be able to build something new.

Without this, we are doomed to keep repeating history and having no idea why.

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Thank you, Aliyah. I feel seen in your words. <3

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