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This is such an intelligently written piece, and I hope a lot of people really take the time to read and consider the important things you're bringing to light here.

You're 100% correct - these people are all so similar, and use the same playbook over and over again. Creating that false sense of connection via false vulnerability (either their own or through testimonials of others), making those wild claims that give hurting/desperate people hope, blaming industries/entities that people already feel hurt and harmed by (playing into the fact that many of our institutions ARE deeply corrupted/incapable of providing true care or answers) then selling a 'cure' that is both forcing people deeper into the idea that if they perfectly control THEMSELVES they can create a perfect outcome and into the idea that if the program doesn't work that it was the fault of the user because one can never quantify or qualify if you were 'doing it enough' or 'right' because the cure is always something metaphysical/internal. It sounds empowering - just perfect yourself that thing you have control over! - but it's actually just more of the system wrapped up in crystals.

At the end of the day, these people often claim to be counter to the system, when they are in fact fundamentally and foundationally the system itself.

They are telling people that their problems are being CAUSED by something inherent to their humanity - their thoughts, reactions to the system/harm, their human vulnerabilities, their bodies - and that the solution is more hyper vigilance in self control and self focus, more individualism and more self policing. It's convincing people to be AGAINST themselves under the guise of self care/knoweldge.

It clouds their eyes from seeing systems, complexity and the reality of being human, and blocks them from taking the steps that would actually allow them to EMBRACE and work WITH their humanity - which is the ACTUAL solution.

The worst part is that these people rob their followers of their lives - and oftentimes the short lives they have left to live. They drive people into these protocols and away from spending time with loved ones, or appreciating what they do have - and they drive others into a state of losing years of their lives over this fixation on purifying themselves instead of actually living.

Thank you again for sharing this. <3

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