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First off, congratulations on the new launch, and for all the inner work that you've done to get yourself here! Those are BIG accomplishments, and you should be so proud.

I really admire the ways that you are so willing to deeply question your own motives and positions as you navigate this world of offering wisdom and advice to others. I think this is something that's sorely missing in our world of anyone can be an expert, and I think that it's really special that you've turned this 'impostor' syndrome into something positive - you're now using it as a checkpoint to help you stay in alignment with your values.

What you say about how much having a strong identity serves us when we are doing solo business rings true for me. I have also been doing the solo biz thing for about a decade, and you're 100% right - nothing really prepares you for the weight of having to make all those choices on your own, the weight of having to know who and what you are at all times and the weight of having to continually question what you're doing - because to be doing this in any kind of ethical way, means you have have to deeply CARE. Thus if you don't have a strong WHY, which comes from a strong identity, you are always going to feel like you're failing/flailing. Also the fact that this world is so competitive and people are genuinely groomed to be critical and black and white in their thinking - it makes it tough to stand up there and put yourself out for attack even when all you're trying to do is support people!

Especially when the work you're doing is around changing mindsets and challenging status quo's - this makes it all the more challenging to be sure in who you are and what you offer - because there's the constant reflection that you're not normal, and therefore not RIGHT.

Again, thank you for being so open about your journey, and so willing to check in with yourself and the results of your content.

I'm so happy that you have fully recovered your voice, that sounds like a really scary experience - and the fact that it triggered such a deep insecurity - good on you for forging ahead and letting it be something that made you stronger :) <3

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