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The Cult of Self-help (Part 2)

The Cult of Self-help (Part 2)

The Main Character Syndrome

In Part 2 of the Cult of Self-help, I spill the tea on something that the self-help world conveniently forgets to mention: the Main Character Syndrome (MCS). You know that feeling when you think your life's a romcom, and you're the star, director, and producer all in one? That's MCS, where you're the protagonist of your own epic saga. Our cultural obsession with the hero’s journey like Eat, Pray, Love is just one small reflection of that.

Self-help often encourages us to reflect and grow, but it conveniently sweeps under the rug the potential dark side of MCS, which is a cult of personality of sorts.

In cults, people transform their identities to match the group's narrative. Well, MCS isn't that different. It's about adopting a persona driven by the need for likes, followers, and validation, courtesy of the self-help or personal development industry. And guess what? Social media is the stage for this performance. We turn our lives into a 24/7 reality show, curating every moment to keep the narrative going. Sponsored posts, merchandise, and selling our 'authentic' journeys become the norm. But at what cost?

In this episode, I dive deep into the MCS, exploring the psychological mechanisms underlying MCS energy, the trajectory of learned selfishness, and how the phenomena of parasocial relationships and audience capture play a role.


Timetimes & Key Discussions:

03:27- Recap of Part 1

05:48- Clarification of an important point that I previously missed about quality of life & well-being

13:51- Mini rant about influencers who romanticize MCS

21:04 - Introduction to the MCS (Light & Dark sides)

30:21- Learned Selfishness as a survival mechanism of hyper-competitiveness and individualism

36:12- I share my experience with MCS and the turning point that woke me up from it

41:07- How the MCS shows up in parasocial relationships and audience capture

57:16- Closing remarks and words of encouragement


The Trouble with ‘Main Character Syndrome’- Psychology Today article

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Audience Capture:How Influencers Become Brainwashed by their Audience- YouTube segment by After Skool

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