Conscious Revolution
Conscious Revolution
The Cult of Toxic Capitalism
The Cult of Toxic Capitalism
with Rachael Kay Albers

Can we capitalism our way out of capitalism?

Welcome to another thought-provoking episode on the intersection of cults, cons, and capitalism.

This episode explores a topic that is probably relevant to most people in this audience: the intersection of capitalism and self-help. You’ve often heard me talk about the ‘money cult’ in my critique of new-age spirituality. If you enjoy this topic, you’re in for a real treat.

One of the most prevalent narratives that we hear by money cult ambassadors is that "good money in the hands of good people" can be the solution to the world's problems. But is that really the case? Does capitalism and its promises of prosperity truly hold the key to our collective well-being? Can we capitalism our way out of capitalism? Is there such a thing as ‘conscious capitalism?’ To dive into this complex subject, I'm joined by the brilliant and hilarious brand strategist and marketing muckraker, Rachael Kay Albers (RKA).

RKA is kind of a big deal and I’m a huge fan of her work. If you listen to the episode, you’ll understand why. She is everyone’s favorite brand-mother…but make it anti-capitalist. We all need an RKA in our life to torch the way to liberating our bodies, hearts, and minds (and each other) from the oppressive and exploitative capitalist patriarchy.

Warning: this episode MAY radicalize you (in a good way).

This episode is a foundational understanding of capitalism and its connection to cult dynamics, particularly within the self-help industry.

Check out these episode highlights:

  • Critique of capitalism and what makes it culty

  • The impact of capitalism on individuals and society and how it is reflected in the way we interact with brand culture, self-help, and entrepreneurship.

  • Challenging the dominant narratives associated with capitalism and how to free our minds from capitalism propaganda.

  • How self-help social media influencers contribute and reinforce capitalism propaganda through unethical marketing and predatory sales tactics.

  • A call for change and exploring alternatives toward a more equitable future.

  • And so much more!

We barely touched the tip of the iceberg in this 🔥 conversation and there’s definitely more where that came from! Enjoy!

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Conscious Revolution

Conscious Revolution

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