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Conscious Revolution
The Cult of Self-help (Part 1)
The Cult of Self-help (Part 1)
This is how self-help doesn't help you

Are you ready to unravel the layers of the self-industry to reveal the cult tactics underneath?

Ever wondered about the driving force behind our collective conversations about self-help, and where these ideas originated from?

Buckle up, because in the 1st of this 2-part solo episode, I’m taking you through my journey as a recovering self-help junkie— and the insights that have helped me redefine what authentic growth means beyond commercialized interests of a capitalist industry.

We can’t talk about the self-help industry (or any other capitalist industry) without setting the context. In this episode, I expose the aspects of self-help that are a form of capitalist propaganda, which is what makes it especially culty.

How do themes of late capitalism, religious fundamentalism, and patriarchy converge within the self-help industry? What mechanisms of mind control operate through self-help narratives? How does the self-help industry perpetuate a cycle of dependence and doom? And, more importantly, what impact does this have on our individual and collective well-being?

And of course, no episode would be complete if we don’t discuss next steps in how we can embrace authentic growth and interact with self-help in a mindful, intentional, and discerning way. Yes, there IS such a thing as ethical self-help and I’m going to provide some recommendations on how to find it!


Outline & Timestamps:

  • Introduction

    • Explore self-help's impact on cognitive dissonance and gaslighting & its effects on individual and collective well-being.

  • My Self-Help Journey (04:24)

    • My personal journey through the self-help industry and what motivated me to have this candid conversation.

  • Insight into the Self-Love Trend (08:18):

    • Analyze how the self-love trend reflects broader self-help themes to uncover its implications for personal growth.

  • Distortion of Psychological Theories (16:36):

    • How Carol Dweck’s Growth Mindset theory reflects self-help’s misinterpretation of psychological science.

  • Unveiling Sociocultural Context (25:21):

    • Reveal self-help as capitalist propaganda & analyze themes of late capitalism, religious fundamentalism, and patriarchy.

  • Gaslighting by the Self-Help Industry (31:32):

    • Exploring self-help industry's manipulation mechanisms & its interplay with capitalism's cult-like undertones.

  • Toxic Individualism Explored (37:42):

    • Expose toxic individualism within self-help.

  • The Self-Help Cycle of Doom (40:30):

    • Navigate the cycle's exploitation of fear, exploitation, and dependence.

  • Unveiling Manipulative Tactics (48:45):

    • Expose less-obvious manipulative tactics in self-help to build trust.

  • Introduction to Ethical Self-Help (54:37):

    • How to discern between ‘good’ v.s. ‘bad’ self-help.

References & Show Notes:

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